Smartphone Abstinence Log

My current smartphone is so unreliable now I need to fall back to a dumbphone.

Rather than running out to buy a new smartphone, I will log here what it feels like with a dumbphone. I will do this to see what I really need, and I dont want to fork out 5 kkr on a phone that is obsolete before i even get it.

  • First of all, reliability is outstanding with a dumbphone. Battery time, uptime etc rocks.

It's a simple Nokia one with a colour screen.

  • Charging the Nokia is less convenient since it hasn't got a USB connector. On the other hand, you dont need to charge it :)

  • It is tedious to see numbers rather than peoples names on the screen.

To see people names I think I can upload an addressbook, but I havent done that.

  • There's no connection to my Pebble smartwatch, and this I miss. I like the Pebble.

  • I don't miss any particular apps so much, I was never heavily invested in apps. That said, there's still some things I miss.

  • I havent needed maps for a while, but I miss the potential

  • Sometimes I want to do voice recordings or take a photo. I can do neither very well at the moment.

  • I miss the Subsonic music application, but I make do pretty ok with computer.

  • I miss a bluetooth headset, but that never worked too well with the phone either.

  • I got some MMS I couldnt view. But I could just as well have viewed it on the web. If I cant, my operator sucks.

  • Not having a keyboard is hard, but a normal touch keyboard also sucks.