Sandforce SSD:s

I have a lot of disks. Some mechanical, and some SSD:s. Normally I get Enterprise grade SSD:s, but not always.

Two OCZ SSD:s died recently, with just a short time intervall in between.

With mechanical disks, you normally get some kind of warning. Maybe checksums start to fail, maybe there is an increase in noise level.

These OCZ SSD:s just died though. From one second to the next, poof, completely with no response.

I opened up one of them and noticed that they have Sandforce controllers. The Internetz reveal that Sandforce controllers, well, suck.

So far I haven't been able to recover any data from the drives.

I have recovered a mechanical drive once by replacing the controller board. You can't really do that with ssd:s as the controller and memory is on the same board. Desoldering the controller chip would require more advanced soldering than what I have access to.

The conclusion? Back up your data, but you knew that already.