Review of Wildfly : New Features from Packt

I bought Wildfly : New Features during Packt:s summer sale. I bought a lot of books at the same time, and only really bothered to read the title before the purchase.

Since I have been working with with porting applications from Jboss 5 to 6, and now from 6 to 8, I know its usually a lot of work. For some reason version 7 was never popular with my customers, so I never really used that version much.

Anyway, I did one application conversion before buying this book, and I mostly bought it to see if I missed something.

It turns out that the book would have been more aptly named Wildfly : An Introduction, and as such the book works well. It takes you through the steps to install and try out Wildfly. It shows you how to use the web console, and the CLI to perform tasks.

I usually only buy Ebooks, which makes me more tolerant of books that contain a lot of filler segments. Theres some filler segments in this book. My Ereader claims the book is 122 pages, and it only really starts after page 22. Then theres some pages with exception traces and so on, so in the end theres maybe 80 pages of useful material.

So if you are looking for an introductory text for Wildfly, and don't mind filler segments, I can recommend this book.