My top three transhuman tools

I'm interested in the concepts of transhumanism and the singularity.

Quite often I feel like the concepts take on a needless religious aspect; wait for the Singularity, then Nerd Rapture will follow. It is appealing in a way, but also kind of dumb, especially for a crowd that often prides themselves in being non-religious.

Let's instead step back from the far future for a bit and see what we can do right now to help transhumanism along. In that spirit, I present to you my top transhuman tools of the past year.


Without glasses I wouldn't see much of anything. Reality would be a pretty foggy place. So, glasses is my number one transhuman tool!

A Bicycle

Sometimes I need to go to places, and my primary mode of transportation is a bicycle.


I do most of everything in Emacs. I could probably not function without Emacs.


I think we should work the ways of the singularity into the fabric of our everyday lives. Even if the going seems slow, surely we are living on an exponential slope right now?

Anyway, the journey is half the fun, right?