Grahamn McNeils Mechanicus books

Warhammer 40k books are my guilty pleasure.

The Mechanicum books are fun, because if a relevant character can be named tota-mu 32, machines can be posesed by demons, it has to be a great book right?

W40k books can be a bit formulaic in their plot. You know the protagonists will go somewhere and fight against fantastic odds, and most likely they will die. The bad guys will probably annoyingly survive and get to be further annoying in some other book. That doesnt matter though, because the fun is all in the language and execution.

For instance, the antagonist will of course release horrible weapons to kill the heroes. For instance what essentially is blood hounds. but, what blood hounds! They are ancient evil machineries, from forgotten times. Page upon page of lavish description of their past exploits in a blod red dawn before mankind. And so on. In the end they are just blood hounds that are difficult to kill, but that doesn't matter.

Sometimes there are also funny references, like a quotation from the ancient Adept Kahneman. Fun right?

Anyway, read these if you like deeply religious transhuman cyborgs, evils from before the dawn of time, and chain sword fights.