Free Software : 1984 versus brave new world

There are many parts of the Free Software movement. Like mercury, you can split it in many tiny droplets, that can seamlessly reform to a larger whole.

The noble goal of the GNU project is to protect the Free Software movement from unknown, orwellian entities, seeking to destroy it by various nefarious means. That is indeed worthwile, but I think perhaps a greater threat is posed by something fetched from the Brave New World. Aldous Huxleys dystopian vision is often contrasted with George Orwells 1984.

A world apathetic to freedom, drugging itself to indifference with the latest shiny iOs bling.

After all, what does freedom have to offer that can compete with the thrills of being whipped into submission a by beautiful latex clad dominatrix?

We continuously face the perils of both dystopian visions, the mix varies from day to day. Likewise, we should adapt, with equal agility.