o-blog tips

The way I work with my blog is that I write down a number of unfinished notes. Eventually I get around to finish them, and when I do I usually finish a bunch of blog entries at the same time.

This is why the emacs org-mode based o-blog blogging system works well for me.

Since org-mode changes frequently it can lead to technical problems though. This time around my old articles didn't compile properly, because they used obsolete syntax.

To find all the problems I used 'org-lint' which is a fairly new command to check your org syntax. The command discovered lots of errors like:

12957 low   Misplaced planning info line

These errors resulted in the articles being published in the wrong date.

I also had a lot of articles with undefined source type for BEGIN_SRC.

These were also easy fixable.

Overall, o-blog moves at a slower pace then org mode. o-blog is also kind of quirky at times. The pros still outweigh the cons though!