Fedora on the MS Surface pro 2 after a couple of months

After having used Fedora on the MS Surface pro 2 for a couple of months, I have some gripes with it.

It works mostly okay, but the battery behaves weirdly. Sometimes the charging level is not reported properly, and then the machine tends to shut down randomly.

So perhaps this was fixed in a UEFI bios upgrade Microsoft provided, but how does one upgrade the UEFI bios if one doesnt run Windows on the machine?

I'd much prefer some old-school method of upgrading the Bios, like booting from an external device.

Anyhow, if you have this problem as well, it seems the battery estimation bug can be worked around by entering the bios screen during reboots. It only works sometimes though.

Furthermore the support from MS isn't very spectacular. I decided to try to use the emergency recovery image you can download from MS. It takes about 3 hours to download for me, and I have a 100mbit connection, so the slowness isn't at my side. Then when I finally got it, the zip file was broken. I tried this three times, same result. Then there is no email address to contact for support.

Anyway, all of this makes me long for my good old Lenovo Thinkpads, so my next machine will quite likely not be the Surface 3.