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Contact Information

+46 (0) 70 545 9454


I have worked with all aspects of systems development since 1994.

I have a master of science in computer engineering degree from Linköping Institute of Technology.

I've worked with a wide range of assignments and organizations, for instance bank and finance (SEB, Investor, Handelsbanken), Telecom (Ericsson, EHPT, Telia, nWise), industrial (Sandvik), the press (DN, Aftonbladet), the unions (Svenska Livsmedelsarbetarförbundet), Gaming(Unibet, Ongame), Government(Arbetsförmedlingen) and many more.

I enjoy roles requiring broad experience of complex multi-layered systems, such as web systems, multi-media systems and mixed software - hardware systems.


I am able to help organizations efficiently solve complex system development challenges.

The basis for this ability comes from a thorough understanding of real-world implementation issues combined with a thorough understanding of business issues.

I have broad experience of writing software such as low-level assembly mode hardware drivers, object-oriented systems in C++ or Java, presentation layers in XSLT, or writing automated test-suites for software testing.

I also manage my own company, which gives me the ability to understand and work on business development tasks.

My approach to problem solving, trying to achieve a broad understanding of the organizations situation, have enabled me to succeed with assisting organizations in roles as system developer, technical writer, solution architect, DevOps engineer and mentor.

My focus since 2004 is working with technical support for agile processes, Continuous Deployment and Devops, and systems development for the Java Enterprise platform on Unix systems.


Master of science degree in computer

engineering, specializing in computer vision and graphics. Linköpings Institute of Technology,

Swedish Military Service.


Arbetsförmedlingen, The IRIS Deep Learning project.

I work with the Deep Learning team at Arbetsförmedlingen to understand the labour market.

We use machine learning and deep learning tools such as Tensorflow, Gensim, Keras, Theano etc, running on hardware solutions optimized for deep learning. I focus on the challenges of implementing DevOps for machine learning tools.

Seamless Distribution Systems AB, DevOps implementation

The DevOps team at Seamless and I worked together introducing a DevOps mindset at Seamless, as well as doing technical implementations of continuous deployment services.

nWise, a continuous delivery pipeline.

The nWise team and I created a modern continuous delivery pipeline for nWise. We used a DevOps approach and implemented Jenkins, Docker, Gitlab, Sonar and other relevant continuous delivery tools. Apart from the technical work, We also worked to spread a DevOps mindset at nWise.

Arbetsförmedlingen, Devops Configuration Manager implementing Continous Delivery for the "Next" project, a new version of AF:s customer facing services.

"Next" is a large project spanning eight teams and many deliverables.

I coordinated technical Configuration Management activities, and worked wth many technologies. The base plattform is Jboss 8 Wildfly, Java 8. Oracle Rack as RDBMS. Puppet for deploys, Jenkins for build servers. Docker light weight virtualization for test automation.

During this project we worked on moving from a traditional waterfall-style model to a DevOps workflow.

Arbetsförmedlingen, Devops Configuration Manager and Senior Developer.

I worked with many systems. I migrated systems from Jboss 6 to Wildfly. Introduced Docker in the organization. Developed SOAP based middleware.

nWise MMX, Multimedia Exchange system for the deaf.

Cross-plattform C design and implementation, J2EE development. I worked with image mixing technologies using OpenCV in the video telephony components. I implemented a build pipeline, using virtual machines for different operating systems.

Ongame. Continuous Delivery in an agile environment.
Unibet. Continuous Delivery in an agile environment.
Ericsson MMX, Multimedia Exchange system for the deaf. Configuration management, J2EE development.
Projectplace AB - DevOps engineer, Configuration Manager, Senior system developer

Projectplace is a successful project collaboration ASP. I worked as Configuration Manager on the Continuous Delivery systems. I also contributed to the enhancement of the service by coding subsystems in C++, Python and Java, for instance, a WebDAV implementation.

Telia Centrex Statistik. Design and implementation of a Corba backend, XML mediators for SAS middleware, and an XML/XSLT web frontend with Apache Cocoon
SEB File Upload function on Z/OS
Various implementations for SHB:s internal accounting system with SAS on Z/OS
Various implementations for Telias BOSS Datawarehouse, using SAS, Java, XML, shellscripts etc.
an EMU compliance service offering feasibility study
Visual Wireless - Senior Consultant

At Visual Wireless (now part of Lavastorm) I had the opportunity to work with very large Data Warehouses, and the various high performance hardware platforms that are necessary to support such systems.

Advise for a C# and .NET based system for FOI, the Swedish

Defence Research Agency.

a XML/XSLT based web using Apache Cocoon, for Dpart, a Swedish consultancy firm
iWeb, an intranet system with J2EE technology on the Linux-platform, Java, C++, Perl
Solution Architect at Ericsson Hewlet-Packard for Jalda.

Jalda is an e-commerse plattform that implements a secure payment method.

Java J2EE based public websites and intranet for the Swedish food process union
A java J2EE based web using JSP, for Netintelligence, a Swedish concultancy firm
An Apache based web, for Tengelin and partners, a Swedish concultancy firm
Quality assurance for iCuisine, a web solution in use at Sodexho.

ICuisine was built on the MS platform, using ASP and COM

Dr SmokeFree.

An expert-system for helping people quit smoking. For Samhällsmedicin.

Qtrans, a Java, Perl and C++ based financial information mediation system
Requirement analysis for AMS intranet
The Social Democrats campaign web 98, an ASP web with COM components
Design, automated testing and cryptography solutions for WM-Data's Insikt 97, a CBT for MS Office
Requirement analysis, architecture, design and

implementation of ``Global Application Release and schedule system'' for Ericsson. A java based client server system.

Gröna Konsums Organisational charts. Javabased client server solution
Investors combined Web and presentation CD-Rom.

Investor is a Swedish investment bank.

Implementation of a java based navigation solution for DN Motor.

DN Motor is a Swedish magazine.

Telia for Inform@phone

Prototype for Inform@phone, hardware for a public booth multimedia terminal

Sparanden, a CBT for SEB
SIV, ``Swedish for the Department of Immigration''

Cross Plattform C++ on Windows and MacOS

A promotional multimedia presentation for Kährs.
GyEk, a financial CBT for Arvidsjaurs public school
Mag, a visualization aid for the seeing impaired, for CBT:s

Course leader assignments and workshops

Test automation with Java and docker

Java Forum (2014), HiQ(2015), Arbetsförmedlingen (2015)

Continuous Delivery

A workshop I've lead for several organizations. SF Bio AB Ongame AB Unibet AB Ericsson AB nWise AB CAT Rental AB


  • Object oriented programming with C++
  • Programming the MFC using Microsoft Visual C++
  • Multimedia


Advanced Java techniques


  • Web technology
  • Developing Interactive Multimedia applications
  • Advanced Authorware techniques


  • Lisp
  • Pascal
  • Data structures and algorithms


  • Digital technology
  • Digital construction with microprocessors
  • Digital construction with programmable logic circuits

Industry Certifications

  • Neo4j Certified Professional (2016)
  • SAFE, Scaled Agile Framework (2015)
  • ISTQB, Test Professional (2011)
  • ITIL, foundation (2011)
  • Spring (in progress)
  • Clearcase Unix Administration (2011)
  • Sun Java Architect (1999)
  • Sun Java 2 Programmer (1999)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (1999)
  • Informator certified teacher (1997)
  • Certified Scrum-master (2010)
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (2012)
  • Certified Scaled Agile Framework Agilist (2015)