Starting Emacs on boot

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I use Emacs all the time. My most important Emacs runs in my own server, which I access remotely either through a tty terminal, or a graphical session. The terminal can either be plain ssh, or mosh. The graphical session is x2go at the moment.

Since I always want an Emacs running, and I want to access the same emacs session in different ways, its convenient to start Emacs on boot.

The file /etc/systemd/system/emacs@.service:

Description=Emacs: the extensible, self-documenting text editor

ExecStart=/usr/bin/emacs --daemon
ExecStop=/usr/bin/emacsclient --eval "(progn (setq kill-emacs-hook 'nil) (kill-emacs))"


Then in my case:

systemctl enable emacs@joakim
systemctl start emacs@joakim

I have been using this for a while and it works pretty well!